Monthly Stained Glass Patterns Series

Terms of Service
(or, the Legal Stuff)

WE DO NOT POSTAL MAIL PRINTED PATTERNS.  When you subscribe to our Monthly Pattern Series, you are subscribing to a service that makes a PDF file available for download each month for duration of your subscription, a B & W line pattern formatted as an Acrobat PDF file, tiled on 8.5x11 pages that you will need to print to your own printer using common 8.5x11 paper.  You will then need to trim each of the pages printed (the larger the pattern size, the more pages will be printed), and tape together the trimmed pages to make the full-sized pattern if it is larger than 7.5x10. YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DOWNLOAD FILES FROM A WEB SITE, AND SHOULD HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DOWNLOADED OTHER ACROBAT PDF FORMAT FILES TO YOUR DESKTOP BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER AT OUR SITE.  We are not obligated to provide you with training on how to accomplish this task beyond the information provided in the link in menu on our home page titled "Need Help Opening or Printing Patterns" from PDF files (subscription monthly downloads or pattern orders we send you).

We make available for download the new monthly pattern sets sometime within the first three weeks of each month.  Each new monthly pattern will be available for download for a total of 60 days. It is your responsibility to download each monthly pattern within this 60 day period.  Afterwards, the pattern is no longer available, and we will not send you, nor compensate you, for any monthly patterns you failed to download within the 60 day period.  Such patterns are forfeited by you.

Some month's pattern, at our option, will be more complex and considered a double-month pattern (i.e. one pattern will be provided for a two month period, and counted as two months worth of subscription months.) This will be done no more than once per year, and allows us to provide more intricate designs from time to time.

If a pattern download is corrupted, just download the pattern again from our subscription web site (where you login.)

Our contract with you for your purchase of our service is completed when we make available for download the monthly pattern in a Acrobat PDF file -- whether or not you downloaded it.  The service is only for your personal use and you agree to not share your subscription account & password with others. NO REFUNDS ARE PROVIDED FOR ANY REASON. (FOR EXAMPLE, SUCH SITUATIONS AS BUT NOT LIMITED TO: YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO OR ARE UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE, HAVE CLOSED YOUR ISP ACCOUNT, DON'T LIKE THE PATTERN(S), NO LONGER DO STAINED GLASS, OR HAVE REQUESTED US TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.)  It is your responsibility to have available a reliable internet connection so as to successfully download PDF files as large as 350K.  We make no refunds if you are unable to download the files for any reason, including but not limited to:  your internet connection is not able to provide a reliable and continuous connection time for a full transfer of each month's file without file corruption, or you lack the knowledge, software, or computer hardware to download Acrobat PDF formated files.  Should you fail to download a usable file on your first attempt, you may attempt again to download the monthly file at a different time. We record downloads made by each user, and if records show you have given out your account's password to others so they may access the monthly files, we reserve the right to cancel your subscription privileges without any refund for any unused services.

If you write us in an abusive manner, or use abusive language, we reserve the right to treat such letters as either: a) not having been received, or b) as a request to cancel your subscription immediately.  If you request a refund from your credit card company for a subscription that you purchased online and we have to provide documents to your credit card company to document the terms stated herein (no refunds are provided for any reason), you may be subject to an additional charge up to $20 to cover the time and cost of providing this documentation to your credit card company. You agree to this additional charge if your credit card company requests us to show why no refund should be granted in response to a request from you to refund your subscription price.

If the Monthly Pattern Series is ever terminated before the end of a subscriber's subscription period, Patterns...Your Way! will make available for download one Previous Pattern Series set (a $7.95 value) for each year (and each portion of a year) remaining at the time the series is terminated.  Subscriber agrees that such tender of Previous Series sets in lieu of future monthly patterns would fulfill all obligations of the service for remaining portion of subscription period.  (No refunds would be made.)

When you place an order for a subscription to our Monthly Pattern Series you are purchasing a service rather than merchandise and you agree to be legally bound by the terms set forth above.

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